Shaddow – Digitalisation as DNA of your enterprise

You know the saying of Friedrich Schiller: "Who does not move with the times stands left alone." - This quote is more relevant than ever. Technology, IT and new organization forms enable you and your yet unknown competitors to quickly enter new market segments.

You have three opportunities:

You create new markets: you have a good vantage point at the future needs and problems of your customers. You try out new ideas and use existing components to quickly get to the market and constantly expand your knowledge.

You disruptively change existing markets: you have a business model that is successful. You wonder what you need to do to "destroy" this. Then put it in action before someone else does.

You optimize your internal processes: you understand digitization is the next stage of rationalization. You become faster, better or less expensive than your competition. You attract more customers and become a market leader.

The idt is your independent partner

For you, the Institute for Digital Transformation (idt) is an entrepreneurial network and a loose association of companies and specialists for the bundling of interests, initiatives and competencies for digital transformation. Whether in the area of industry, administration or authorities.

The idt is your information and communication platform around the topics of digitization and the transformation of IT organizations.

We want to establish a partner network with you and to shape the future of a digitized world together. Regardless of whether you find your personal challenge in a medium-sized company, large corporation, administration or authority.

You will find well-founded support in the idt: In addition to the fundamental scientific work, we offer you tried and tested practical assistance. It is our aspiration to accompany you actively and purposefully in your journey to master the digital revolution.

The digital revolution takes place at different levels in your company. The performance areas of the idt are therefore interdisciplinary, and you can find your individual way of digitizing your company.

Our Team

Peter Bergmann


Peter Bergmann is a computer scientist, strategist and expert.

Equipped with the vision of making business support services tangible for companies without rigid IT organizations, he primarily strengthens the tactical action level in IT. He actively advocates the role shift from CIO to CSO (Chief Service Officer).
Peter Bergmann is the CEO of elleta München GmbH

His customers know him as a catalyst for the development and conversion of reliable and profitable corporate IT organizations as well as externally operating cloud providers.

His focus is on the orientation towards systemic work forms and processes. This depends on a paradigm shift in the understanding as a whole and on enthusiastic managers and employees.

Dr.-Ing. Peter Samulat


Dr.-Ing. Peter Samulat graduated in electrical engineering at the University of the Bundeswehr in Hamburg in 1982. After many years of freelance work as an IT consultant, lecturer and IT project manager, from 2002 to 2015 he followed with a number of jobs as an IT manager in the highly successful — especially in the field of digital transformation — media group Axel Springer SE and Otto GmbH & Co KG. Impulse generator in innovation circles and expert panels.

PhD in 2014 with Prof. Zarnekow, TU Berlin. Current work and publications focusing on the IT value contribution (Business Value of IT), the digitization of companies and the transformation of (IT) organizations.

Initiator of the itSMF technical forum "Value Contribution of IT" and founder of the Institute for Digital Transformation (idt).
Dr. Samulat is currently active as an IT Strategy & Transformation executive consultant at elleta München GmbH.

Robert Sieber


CIO, Podcaster and Servicenerd. Robert Sieber experiences daily what digitization means in practice: As CIO, he is responsible for 17 group companies.

Robert Sieber advocates a pragmatic and business-focused way of IT service delivery and IT organization. As a consultant, common sense and open communication are more important to him than frameworks and best practices.

He has worked in many areas of IT: IT operations, service design, service & provider management, software development and sales.
He is also the OBASHI ambassador for Germany and has developed the IT-Service-Canvas. He is all about how the people, processes and technology in a company interact even better to make the end customer successful.

Institute philosophy

The idt aims to bundle existing knowledge, know-how and resources around digital transformation. Learn from the experiences and mistakes of other network partners. Securely implement your digitization project.

The basis is a partnership and trusting cooperation between all network partners. Everyone who joins and brings his experiences to the table is welcome - diversity ensures the success of our network.

The results of the work are available for projects, research and development as well as for the marketing of products and services. The idt actively works on the distribution of the results through lectures, publications and recommendations.

The idt is a non-profit platform and does not pursue any commercial interests. As a staple for thematic developments and organizational arrangements, the idt offers a framework for all participating partners to exchange ideas and increase productivity in the field of digital transformation.

The foundation of the Institute for Digital Transformation dates back to the beginning of the year 2016 and serves the ubiquitous need to answer technically complex questions concretely and, above all, practically. Without all the buzzwords and jargon. Trust the advice of the acknowledged professors in our scientific advisory board. Rely on their knowledge, our experience and the cooperation of your partners.