Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation has changed our life – completely.

Digitization challenges structures and processes in your entire company.

The „liberated company“ necessitates changes throughout the entire organization, affects everybody working in the company and changes the culture.

Sometimes it is a revolution.

Porter’s good old ‚Stuck in the Middle‘ curve (Fig.) no longer applies: The industry is dreaming of the „single product“, manufacture wants to become industrial.

Companies transform into platforms (two-sided markets), just as all internal support functions should too!

With Inwards Digitization, you automate existing internal processes. You increase efficiency and reduce errors.

Many companies have already achieved high levels of maturity, nevertheless, inwards digitization comes with a high potential of conflict:

  • changed work flows
  • elimination of simple activities
  • changed Skill-sets
  • change in corporate culture


With Outwards Digitization, you develop your current products. The focus is on digital interaction with your customers and finding ideas for new, lucrative digital products. You primarily link information and services.

The biggest digital value levers are not, as people often think, technology or flexible manufacturing, but in processes that are not part of production such as distribution, pricing, planning, controlling and, most of all, purchasing.

Only adjustments throughout the organization of the company create important prerequisites for the elasticity of corporate processes.

What does your organization want to be? Reactionary or Revolutionary?

Both at the same time?

That is what the IT in many organizations is trying to do. Driven by the analyst model of bimodal IT, two disciplines emerge, that are somehow supposed to harmonize with each other.

One area focuses on the operation. Its focus is on stability, reliability and long-term performance in the basic supply of IT requirements.

A second area develops skills as a Service Provider or Service Broker to deal with the business areas, to be able to communicate with one another at eye level.

Contradictory goals. This cannot end well.

The idt can provide you with the professional answers to your questions. Together, we will work out solutions that will definitely bring you forward in the Digital Transformation.