Industry 4.0

The fourth digital revolution is just the beginning

Industry 4.0 is pompous and yet so simple to understand.

For you however, it is about more than just the increase of your production efficiency.

In that case, Industry 4.0 would not be more than the continuation of CIM and lean production. The use of technical possibilities available today, no matter whether this is achieved through clever automation, efficient work process design or clever management solutions.

Industry 4.0 combines production with the modern information and communication technologies.

The driving force behind this development is the rapidly increasing digitization of the economy and society.

It has a lasting effect on how your company will produce and work in the future.

After the steam engine, assembly line, electronics and IT, intelligent factories (so-called smart factories) now determine the fourth industrial revolution.

Is this really the end? With all these visions of Industry 4.0, we can actually see the way to a further level (let us call it 5.0), which, however, presupposes not yet available possibilities.

The capabilities of Artificial Intelligence (AI) are doubled each 18 months.

Self-learning software will develop its functionality without human intervention by asking and answering its own questions: this is Industry 5.0!

Start your revolution now: