IT in the digital enterprise

Where is your company’s IT-organization leading you?

Digitization is particularly intensive in your corporate IT.

Contrary to the view that the IT organization is an „enabler“ of new digital processes, transformation often negatively affects IT or even triggers its loss in this development: It is necessary to abandon head monopolies and transform them into company knowledge.

This transformation is driven by hype that actually has evolved into the state of the art some time ago: the Cloud.

The mobility and resilience demanded today requires cloud services and allows many IT services, that were hitherto carried out internal, to be transferred to the „outside world“.

IT organizations had to quickly learn to control these „Multi-IT-Provider“ structures.

And it goes on: The next requirement for IT, which will push this transformation much further and change the IT landscape, or even make it partly disappear: IT has to align itself with the actual value contribution, the „business value of it“.

The example of corporate IT is a good way to illustrate how the whole company is changed when digitization is taken seriously. Yet IT is just one of the supporting organizations in the business, just like HR or finance.

All supported areas must be transformed: It is only after achieving the fifth level that IT operates without restrictions within the company and with the focus on optimal support of products and services.


On the contrary! This is common in every start-up: Only what is really relevant for success is carried out.

In a position paper on the change of IT in companies, the authors Sieber, Samulat and Bergmann have discussed the necessary change from an IT-organization to a business-oriented Service Broker. Interested people can request the free paper from the idt via the contact form.

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