The digital enterprise

Digital business models shape businesses of the future

Where can you find lucrative digital business models?

Most companies have developed an almost blind understanding of customer needs, what value they can deliver, what people buy the most, and what the competitors do better or worse.

As a leader, you now face the challenge of finding the answers to the „question“ of digitization, providing orientation and realigning your business strategies.

You can make courageous decisions about what to do exactly. This is a complex process that depends on many factors: what is often lacking is a (lucrative) digital strategy.

The key challenge is to no longer consider products as rigid objects with invariable features and functions: „You should behave like service providers who constantly create new use value for your existing customers and adapt to changing requirements“.

Think products first – Processes and IT later!


Question the structures and processes throughout your organization. Digitization affects everyone in the enterprise. Break through established structures.

The changes involve new sets of skills, corporate culture and so-called „new gold“, internal knowledge and information about the market and customers.

The biggest digital value levers are not, as people often think, technology or flexible manufacturing, but in processes that are not part of production such as distribution, pricing, planning, controlling and purchasing.

Words do not count – actions do

Do you regularly experience the so-called Tsunamization of terms?

Unfortunately, many people consider themselves experts on the subject and promote Digital Transformation in articles to the fullest extent.

But with fine words alone, the challenges of globalization and digitization will never ever be mastered. Because what you need is digital business models. Business models that are self-sustaining. Business models that will enable your company to digitally interact with customers, suppliers and partners in an efficient, automated and natural way.

A „hot“ idea of a startup can work – but it doesn’t have to.

Transform your own IT

Your digital business model begins at the transaction and operation level. It relies on the prevention of system and media failures. And this is just the beginning; A first step. The future is the „Business Platform“. Thus, your company itself becomes the operator of such a platform, the broker of supply and demand or a participant in the platform.

You are directly at your value chain and the position of the individual participants in the market. Digital transformation also means that you can become aware of this and take part in the exchange of goods and services, taking into account technological standards.

Are you looking at your own corporate IT now? You know that the aforementioned requirements will not be met, even in a 100 years time. At least not sufficiently.

You are facing the transformation of your IT organization!

This begins with the redefinition of the business purpose, or even better, the existential purpose of this organization. It requires the reduction of IT-internal manufacturing depth.

A radical organizational and business-policy change.

Simply put: Transformation.