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Digitalisation will Change your Company

What you are experiencing today is a taste of the next 10 to 20 years: large, established companies compete with small, flexible companies. Local businesses must suddenly compete with vendors from the other end of the world.

Dr. Peter Samulat

Why do I believe that the challenges and opportunities of modern technology repeatedly fail to be recognized?

A technological awareness requires a lot of experience! I encourage everybody to take the opportunity to change their perspective first - because it is all about their products and services – and only then to do everything else!

Digital transformation penetrates all industries, including the public service. As organizations must change, executives at all levels face the challenge of making the right and courageous decisions.

Digital transformation requires more than just focusing on the use of new technologies. Only organizations that understand that the changes are necessary and profound, and can culturally adapt to them, will benefit from the trend.

Experience shows that organizations operate successfully wherever innovations, creativity and customer orientation are encouraged.

Peter Bergmann

Digital transformation is a great race. The price is right: it is about the future of Germany as a business location and to the survival of your own enterprise. The start shot has long since fallen.

Robert Sieber

Digitalisation begins with the business model. Anyone who does not acknowledge this basic fact, will lag behind in rationalization.

Do not wait for best practices or blueprints. Instead, take advantage of what you already have: the ideas and capabilities of your employees and customers. Let us pan for this gold together.

Digital Business Models


Ensure the growth of your business with lucrative, digital business models. Do not wait until a disruptive change from outside puts your business at risk.

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Transformation of IT

Prerequisite for digitalisation & digitization

IT is a key competence for your digital company. IT organizations that are not prepared to do so will obstruct your digitization projects and your business itself.

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The profits from your existing business model are to finance innovation. In order to expand revenue, the project of digitizing your processes is the next step in rationalization.

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You are right here:

To equip your company, your administrations and / or your IT organizations with all means necessary for the enormous competition, cost and transparency pressure this is the utmost concern of the IDT and its partners.

The IDT bundles knowledge, know-how and resources for digital transformation. In order to help you will learn from the experiences and mistakes of other network partners. Thus, your digitalization project is more secure.

You are right to cooperate with teh IDT if you have confronted at least one of the following tasks:

  • You are looking for lucrative business models for the future of your company
  • You want to evaluate the opportunities and risks that "digitalisation" and "digitization" may bringt about for your company
  • You have identified a business segment for development and now need an inspiration, a sparring partner or a moderator for the implementation
  • You want to start quickly and your organization can not keep ​the pace
  • You perceive your internal IT as a braker rather than as an innovator

The IDT is your guide to the fourth industrial revolution. It pioneers changes in the age of digitalization, industry 4.0 and th Internet of Things.

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